Welcome to NIE!

The Journal Starís NIE program is here to help teachers, parents and students use

the newspaper as a literacy development tool. 

By underwriting NIE and partnering with sponsors, the Journal Star invites our community at large to become involved in growing smart, discerning readers.

For teachers, our goal is to help you get newspapers into your classroom and to provide you with curriculum ideas and resources that will assist you in using the paper for educational purposes.

For parents, we want to assist in helping your child grow into an educated, active citizen.  Reading the newspaper at home and using the newspaper to stimulate activities or discussions is a proven way to grow citizenship.

For students, we want you to learn to read, and read well.  We are interested in what you would like to find in your newspaper, so you find it engaging and informative.  This experience will enhance your knowledge of your local and national communities.

At the Journal Starís NIE, we want to know how we can make our program better, and your suggestions are needed, so please be candid.

Thank you for participating in NIE. 

Hereís to the futureóand beyond!