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Homework Help

The Journal Star NIE program has collected some helpful homework sites for you to use.

Are you writing a research paper? Entering the science fair? Looking for an online calculator for your math homework? We've collected some links to websites that can help.

Handle Words with Care: Copying directly from a website and not telling your teacher where you got your information from is wrong. If you copy someone else's essay from Encyclopedia Britannica and pretend it's your own, that's called plagiarizing, and plagiarizing will get you into lots of trouble.

However, if you take the facts and the information and then write it in a way that's all your own, that's just fine.  You may need to take the information and “credit” your source.  Your teacher can help you decide which method to use.

• Live Homework Help: from the Peoria Public Library

• RefDesk - refdesk.com: This site has all the reference links you'd ever need.

• HomeworkSpot - homeworkspot.com: This site is nice because it's broken down into elementary school, middle school and high school sections.

• WebMath - webmath.com: This site looks boring, but it will perform math problems for you, taking you step-by-step through the solution. It goes all the way up to calculus and trigonometry.

• National Geographic Homework Help - nationalgeographic.com/homework: Really good for maps, but the other sections are only helpful if you're interested in a few specific topics. But if you need help with ancient Egypt or the solar system, this is the site for you!

Do you know some great homework websites we haven't included? Write to us and let us know at nie@pjstar.com